Sitemap - 2022 - Flying Geese

A Christmas Hampton full of gifts for Arsenal

She comes from the fjords

UWCL Power Rankings

Limbs in the away end

Fox in the Box

They see me Rachel Rowe-lin', they hatin'

The Shaw Supremacy

WSL Fight Night

UWCL Group Stage preview

Derby delight for Arsenal and Everton as Chelsea down City

Chelsea dilly-dally as Aston Villa Daly-Dali

The WSL returns

It came home

Day 26: The final countdown

Day 25: What will we take away from Euro 2022?

Day 24: Why is international football so much more receptive to women managers?

Day 23: You never forget the first time you see Alex Popp

Day 22: How to end a semi-final jinx in four easy steps

Day 21: Does Hemp still have time to shine?

Day 20: Stop using football to cover up politics

Day 19: It's time to stop thinking about Sarina

Day 18: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Goal In Stoppage Time)

Day 17: The German boa constrictor

Day 16: England keep the party going as pressure turns to purpose

Day 15: Some final thoughts on England v Spain

Day 14: Bless íslenzku drottningarnar mínar (Goodbye my Icelandic queens)

Day 13: Dutch delight

Day 12: Group Boring

Day 11: Austria deservedly dump out Norway

Day 10: Woah we're halfway there

Day 9: From Bachmann to Bennison

Day 8: Spain without the s

Day 7: Sjögren just does nothing

Day 6: Euro 2022 heptathlon champion

Day 5: Slipping through their fingers

Day 4: Germany the team to beat?

Day 3: Caroline Graham Hansen. That is all.

Day 2: On the value in being comfortable

On Alexia Putellas

Four weeks of non-stop football

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